Do you feel like a slump while working from home? Because I do.

I’ve found myself, once again, being cooked up within the four walls of my home. With the rising number of COVID-19 cases in Malaysia, we are once again told to stay at home unless it is absolutely necessary to leave.

While I enjoy staying home, I found it particularly difficult to maintain a healthy work-life balance. Yes, working from home is certainly more cost and time effective however, it has taken a toll on me and if I’m honest, the quality of my work.

The past week…


Don’t steal (thirudhathe)

Don’t lie (poisollathe)

Don’t beg (piccaieddukathe)

I owe you everything

I lived with her for the better part of my life and I think it’s safe to say that I had the privilege of being raised by an iron fist. She was an advocate of tough love and I wasn’t a fan of it at that time. She had no regard for what society thought of her methods; it was her way or no way at all.

My earliest memory of her involves eating my own vomit. I was a difficult kid and I often…

[PART 2]

Anna felt trapped. She knew she was walking into a lion’s den when she decided to step in for that unknown woman. The next thing she knew, she was covered in blood and her heart was palpitating like it never did before. She felt like her body was stabbed multiple times but somehow, she knew she would survive this; and just that thought made her bleak.

She thought she was giving herself up to save that woman but now, both would survive and will be forced to live through their miserable lives. …

[PART 1]

She was still working on a chilly Wednesday evening when everyone else in the office had left. She heard nothing but the sound of her keyboard racing its way to the finishing line. She needed to get her work over and done with so she too, could go home. It felt endless; like her cup was constantly overflowing. It suffocated her sometimes, especially when she knew that her bills piled up like old newspaper.

Elora Avyanna Harlynn, fondly known as Anna, lived from hand to mouth. It was a real struggle to go by each month especially when she had…

When the Malaysian government announced the Movement Control Order (“MCO”) a little shy of two weeks ago, many of us cherished the thought of staying home, not needing to wake up 2 hours earlier for work. My Instagram feed was flooded with everyone’s snapshot of working from home and surprisingly, everyone’s amazing home cooked dishes.

It was not until after a few days that we found it difficult to stay home. We needed bread. We needed groceries. We needed some air. Above all, I think we just needed some sort of human interaction. …

I’m constantly wondering if I’d be safe when I’m out on my own. I just want to be able to walk down a street alone, without being catcalled. I don’t remember a time when I could sit in a park on my own without having strange men give me strange, lustful looks.

The painful thing is, I’m perpetually worried.

Dear men,

When you’re walking down a street and you see me walking in front of you, pick up your pace and make sure to overtake me. You see, when I’m walking alone, I’m constantly looking over my shoulder because I’m…

Five Tips on how to be productive for yourself

In a world of competitiveness and jealousy, where originality seems scarce, it can’t be easy to navigate through life, I’m sure. What is originality though? If you look closer, all your ideas stem from what you’ve seen, heard or read. Does that make it your idea? Does that make it original?

Let that sink in.

This world has seen younger generations i.e. millennial trying to climb the corporate ladder than any other generations before but it wasn’t until more and more started realizing that a regular 9-5 job isn’t going to cut it. …

What does magic mean to you?

I grew up thinking Hogwarts was real.

I grew up thinking that I’d eventually be assigned my own Patronus.

I grew up hoping that, one day, an owl would send me my damn acceptance letter.

I was so very wrong.

Recently someone asked me what magic meant to me and I was dumbfounded.

As a child, I believed in the wizarding world and its authenticity. Nothing anyone told me would’ve shook my beliefs. Not even Voldermort. However ghastly it is, I grew up and stopped believing. For the most part, it was because I…

It’s burning hot;
Yet why do I feel so cold inside?
I can’t help it
But to say goodbye-

It was never my intention —
To bid farewell;
But you left me with no other coins,
Then to wish you well!

It was you who left a scar,
A scar- unbearable, unendurable;
Yet — not once did you ever,
Thought of it as unmanageable.

Despite all the tears,
Despite all the pain,
I flourished to find some
Patience and Perseverance;
That brought me back to Life.

“I’m alive today and I’m going to make the best out of it,” I tell myself almost every morning.

While it is commendable to wire your brain into positivity, it doesn’t help in the long haul, I believe. It’s better to deal with the negative thoughts that run deep in your mind than to brush it off with constant ‘positive quotes’ and I say this out of conviction.

“I’m not feeling terrible today. I’m absolutely fine and I’m going to conquer the world. Everything is irrevocably lush!” …

Nadia Fernandez

Writing inconsistently about everything that infuriates me or makes me uncomfortable.

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